How to Promote Blog With Social Media Websites

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This is guest post from Amy Jasmine.

You would have spent hours of time in researching, writing content, creating apt picture and uploading it over your blog as blog post. But, the work of blog doesn’t finish here, because a blog without readers is just like a road without direction. Most of us want to make our blog read by others just other than our family and friends. Yes, blog post needs to be promoted, in order to make it popular among the outside world and make them to read your interesting blog. If you are the one facing this problem for your blog, then this article will definitely help you to promote each of your blog post.

promote your blog with smm


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Claim your name social media platforms

Start a separate account on popular social media sites and complete each with your business details. Include blog URL and keywords in the description in order to employ your top keywords. As well, continue your blog branding by integrating logo and blogger headshot.

Share Blog content in social media profiles

Try to make use of some feed tools to share your blog content instantly in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and as well other social media sites. This configuration can usually be takes place with the help of social media profile settings, apart from this; it helps to share your content immediately to the outside world.

Social Media icons in your blog

Make use of social media icons in your blog to grab the attention of your visitors towards your social media profiles. As well, if your blog content is shared in your social media profiles, then sure there is a great chance to visit your blog even though their direct landing page is not your blog. So, try to add the follow me icons of popular social sites in your blog.

Link to blog from social media sites

Generate a link to your blog via social media sites. For instance, add your blog’s URL in your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. This will just make your blog to have more clicked away.

Showcase your power in images

Images are powerful tools in every aspect; try to use at least one image per post and as well make the image to be more attractive in order to grab the attention of visitors. Make use of tools that helps to incorporate text in images to make it speak itself.

Provide best reverts to social media comments

Social media sites help highly in getting followers and subscribers. Try to thank and revert positively for every share and comment that have been made for your post through your visitors. Try to refer them in your comment as this might help you to shout out your politeness, eagerness and the importance of your business and its brand.

Social Media citizen

Don’t make use of social media only to share the content that you have posted in your blog as that might make your customers to think that you are greedy only towards your business. So, just try to participate actively rather than just posting your own content. Try to be a part in the community and as well be interactive in social media forums.

Hope, this article would have definitely make you know about some of the things to maximize the relationship for each blog post. Make use of this constantly and more effectively as well avoid to much self promotion. Try these tips; your blog will definitely fly high among the crowd.

Author Bio: Amy Jasmine is a content writer in Zuan SEO UK who has written variety of articles on SEO and SMO services. Her words are worth to be writing about!

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