Roswell incident: Google Celebrates the Incident with a UFO

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Today, July 8, Internet giant Google installed on the main page of its search engine animated Doodle game with UFOs and aliens. This logo is dedicated to the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident. In this game you have the chance to help the alien build a flying saucer to return home.

Roswell incident google

What Google knows about Roswell Incident

Roswell incident – one or more occasions in 1947 in the state of New Mexico near the town of Roswell, related to UFOs. From the documents submitted by the FBI it follows that the anonymous witness USAF allegedly saw three UFOs in form similar to the plates that crashed in Roswell, and their pilots.

google roswell incident

Anonymous informant reported that a flying saucer crashed in New Mexico “due to the fact that the authorities there have a very powerful radar, and it is believed that the radiation damaged the radar control mechanisms” flying saucers.”

There are still no concrete evidence of the fact the U.S. authorities found the remains of the UFO, despite numerous assumptions.

As reported before, the UK Ministry of Defence has closed a special department for the study of UFOs, because he “did not serve defense purposes.” Employees of the disbanded in late 2009 Department for the Study of UFOs were forwarded to the unit, “employed more meaningful work related to the defense of the country.”

Believe it or not, but something in it. More information can be found in Google and on the Wikipedia Roswell incident page. I wonder if the aliens have their Google and bloggers? If so, then we have a lot in common!)

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