SEO, Google Updates, Link Building – What’s new this Fall?

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So, let’s talk about fresh Google Updates. What is new is that Google have brought out the Google Hummingbird update. It has people being pretty vague about it because they are having trouble nailing down exactly what it does. Google says that it is a fundamental change in the way that the search engine works. Google says a reliance on keywords is an old notion that needs to be put to bed.

Why can’t we see any changes right away?

The truth is that you can see changes right away. Already, the websites that relied on chunks of SEO text and easy to read (but not too intellectual) content have already started to fall from the search engine results pages. The most blatant reason as to why so little has changed at once is because websites are still working on keywords. What Google is saying is that you do not need them in order to rank highly. Now will come a time when websites will start evolving the way they work in order to rank higher than they already are now. The ones that try to rank up with a strong emphasis on keyword work are not going to have much luck.

Why did we never see this coming?

Well actually, you could tell something was happening if you kept an eye on the release of their updates. They publish over 30 update notifications per year.

In depth articles are favored

On the 6th August 2013, there was an update saying that longer and more in-depth articles will be ranked higher. This made little sense as a longer article such as an essay is very search engine unfriendly because it is hard to tie down which keywords are usable.

Google gets rid of the keyword tool

On the 28th August 2013, Google removed the keyword tool from public use. They have kept the slightly better one on Google AdWords, but the one that is used by anyone is now gone as Google do not want us messing around trying to find the right keywords anymore. They do not want us caring so much about keywords.

google updates adwords

Google Analytics changes

On the 23rd of September 2013 the Google analytics program stopped showing information about keywords through the fact that searching was now a more secure process.

The Google Hummingbird update was announced

google-hummingbird-updateOn the 27th of September 2013, Google gathered the press into a small garage where the Google search engine was created and told them that they have made a massive update to Google which is going to change the way it works forever (a bit dramatic)

Does it mean goodbye to keywords forever?

Not really, and this is because keywords are still needed for lots of things. The most obvious is affiliate advertising, as they cannot expect adverts to optimize for full questions as they would have to optimize for thousands just to get a few page views. Also, even though keywords are no longer the driving force behind the search engine, they still have their place because you cannot rule out un-askable questions, (questions that are hard to ask a computer program).

In other words, it is hard to put every single search engine query into a question. For example, you want to know the name of a song. What question do you type in for that? It is not like you can sing the song to the search engine, so you type in the words they remember (which are keywords) and the song lyrics and titles appear within websites on the search engine results. So no, keywords are not going away totally.

What about long tailed keywords?

This is where the smaller website gets it in the neck because all queries are going to be long tailed. Where bigger business would dominate with “houses for sale” the smaller business would opt for “cheap houses for sale in Colorado.” But now, most queries are going to be long-tailed queries, which will mean that smaller businesses have no way of tapping their niche market. They are going to have to start paying for AdWords affiliate adverts in order to get a bit of traffic, and there is why Google have done it. They are pushing millions of smaller websites off of the higher search engine results pages and forcing them to use Google AdWords if they want to rank highly.

What the Hummingbird suggests that Google wants from web masters

To keep your site updated and to create your content by having a content marketing strategy and knowing the people who are going to visit your website and what they want. They want you to claim authorship of your content with Google+ so that they can see if you are consistently producing high quality works. They do not want you to hide text and they are looking for text articles of substance over the easy-reading variety.

What Google says about Google Updates and SEO?

Hmmm… Let’s listen to Matt Cutts:


So, what Matt advices us?

google updates matt cutts advices

So, quite simple, hah?


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