7 Ways to Protect Your Site Against Next Google Update

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Isn’t this like saying you want to protect yourself against the next act of god? After all, how can you protect yourself against something you cannot predict? In truth you cannot protect yourself against something you cannot predict, but you can use previous experience to try and move forwards. Just do not turn into one of those software companies who create yearly guidelines on just how many unexpected problems are tolerable (a true Scott Adams type situation).

1 – Do nothing as you may not have to (as if Google Update does not exist )

Let us climb down off of our panicky horse and take a look at the facts. Who says you are going to be punished the next time Google have an update? Were you really one of the ones caught in the net of the last few? Millions upon millions felt no change at all, so maybe you should relax and do nothing. If you have not been punished recently for any reason by Google then they are probably not going to start a reign of terror in your direction any time soon.

2 – Work for the user and not the search engine

Google are always saying that they are thinking about the user when they update, and for all their intents and purposes it is probably true. They have to serve the user or the user stops using. If you are working to make the user experience more pleasant and efficient then there is no reason why you and Google will not be best of friends for years to come.

3 – Stay clear of jumping on the bandwagons

It happens all the time, and some of them stick around such as Facebook and the iPhone, and some of them wither away such as link bait. So, how do you know which bandwagon to jump on?

Don’t jump on any of them for a very long time. You can see if it is just a fad, or if it is going to stick around by simply waiting to see what happens. If it is a fad then after a while it will peter out and you will be glad you didn’t spend the money on it. If it is not a fad then you have all the time in the world to get involved, so relax a little.

4 – Stick with HTML5 on the page

HTML5 is the most recent version of HTML and it helps you to keep your code tight if you are using it. This is especially true if you are adding videos to your website. Still, people mix up website codes and it is bad for your SEO. This sort of thing may be the next big item that an update is brought out for it.

Make your other code such as JavaScript and CSS3 something that is an external resource that is called to by the HTML code. Do not have the HTML and other codes mixed up.

5 – Follow the guidelines that Google have on the web master tools section

They do have a lot of instructional articles and things for you to read and research, and it is really worth having a look. You are getting the information straight from the horse’s mouth. The best thing is that they are hardly likely to bring out a Google update that penalizes pp for using the advice they wrote.

6 – Keep a look out for the signs

There are a few signs when a Google update is on the horizon. Near the end of last year the Google keyword tool was moved from public access so that you can only get it from Google AdWords. At the time the PageRank toolbar had only been updated once. These were warning signs of an update, and then along came the Google Hummingbird update. It may be hard to spot the signs, but really all you have to do is keep track of the news to see what is going on and you will start to spot the signs when another update is ready to pop.

7 – It is basically up to Google what happens next

Reiterating what was said at the beginning of the article, Google are in control, so where does that leave us even if we do decide to do nothing. The answer is to simply work outside of Google as well as in it. Go for direct traffic, directories, affiliate advertising, offline promotion and cross website promotion. Google is only in control because you are playing in its playground.

You should still keep playing in its playground, but if it kicks you out of the playground you should have something else to fall back on to. Having you work outside of the Google SEO area and having traffic coming from places other than Google is a very good idea.

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