Sites Embracing Parallax Scrolling and Why It’s a Great Move

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The article about Parallax Scrolling was written by Elle. She works with Who Is Hosting This as a technology writer and web design writer. You can find out more about them here.

Parallax Scrolling – New Web Design Trend

What makes the Internet such an exciting and innovative platform for businesses, both big and small, is the way in which it if rife with the freshest, creative, unique and quirky methods and techniques to project your brands image out there. Parallax is just one of the new emerging trends for web design out there. A lot of importance should go into the user experience of your site- and the navigational technique is a great place to start. Cue Parallax Scrolling; a quirky new and inventive way that makes navigating around a website a new experience in itself. Say goodbye to an age of boring, dull and redundant web design, parallax uses smart technology to enhance the impact of your website to determine a good lasting impression form visitors.

Here’s an example of 5 websites that have embraced this new trend and why it works so well:

  • is a brilliant example of parallax scrolling and the way in which its reaches out and captivates the visitor upon clicking on the website link. With the words “That’s the way we like” reaching out towards you, you find yourself instantly engaged and drawn in to the websites dynamic layout!

parallax scrolling tokiolab

  • Beer camp is another great example of how interactive and engaging such a feature is- instantly you’re caught out by the unconventional layout. You might think it’s down to technical fault that all the menu links seem to be almost overlapping on each other, however as you move your cursor down you see pages expand from the small overlapping box of text and content positioned at the centre of the page. The Pages grow and disappear the more you scroll down, making the content physically jump out at you!

parallax scrolling beep

  • Nike perfected their web design by using parallax scrolling to create an intense sequence of graphics to accompany your navigation around the page. The words “Choose your flight” sets the tone for the visual journey the website promises to take you on. With each scroll to the next page you’re greeted moving images, smoothly running from one page to the next diagonally. 



  • Digital agency Figmenta have used parallax scrolling to combine a variety of captivating pages that run smoothly from one to another. Each page presents you with a quirky new design, with transforming shapes taking on different shapes and sizes as you scroll down, almost likening to a kaleidoscope effect by adding a playful and fun element.


  • Few websites fuse together that sense of quirkiness and originality than the website ( The smooth transition from page to page by simply scrolling down confronts you with page of captivating, bold and unique design, and as a lifestyle brand that seeks to create powerful, dramatic and stylish products, the parallax scrolling feature adds to it’s sense of originality and attention worthy status. When viewing the fall collection you’re presented with a model sporting the designer wear, however once you move your cursor downwards the clothes begin to change whilst the model remains perfect still in the background. This fun and quirky method which incorporates a playful element to internet shopping is enough to make you fall in love with this brands website instantly!

krystalae scrolling

  • Another great feature of parallax scrolling is the way it induces a form of story telling with a website. Peugeots advert exemplifies this in a stunning way, presenting the viewer with a narrative illustrated in a smooth, game like motion picture. You can see it HERE.


  • By employing synchronised movement of shapes to accompany the scrolling down motion, the site makes for a fun alternative to your average website design. Each new page presents you with transforming and shifting shapes.


  • Ok-Studios demonstrates a smartly designed web layout that uses parallax scrolling to construct a more complex and intriguing design! The use of layering of images creates a sense of depth, and exerts the impression of there being 3 dimensional objects- making the images appear as if they’re jumping out of you.


It’s also great to use Parallax scrolling to make something dull, visually interesting. If you’ve been struggling with a clients website because their content doesn’t rouse much interest – then introducing something fun and sleek like Parallax scrolling might be a god move for them to get people more engaged with the site.

Check all these sites – they are looking great! Remember, we talked about the fact that visualization is very important nowadays, because people do not like to read much, but like pictures and videos. Sites that use Parallax Scrolling, fit perfectly into the new Internet trends!

And what do you think?


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