Social media is not about You, its about your Business

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You are a social media addict who cannot ignore the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to name a few. You need to put up a ‘status’, ‘like’ a picture, ‘tweet’ about what you are reading, ‘follow’ the pretty chick or even ‘pin’ your favorite image. Whatever be the case you cannot ignore the fact that you are totally hooked and booked to your social profile page.

social media for business

Often I have heard the youth of today brag about the fancy smartphone they have bought to boast of maintaining a high social quotient. Now that the youth is buzz with the social media, what with Facebook launching its hashtag to still be on top of the game in spite of Pinterest making a close call to be at the zenith. So much frenzy around the social media that the corporate biggies seems to have found their soft spot to get in more sales and growth for their business.

Business seems to jump on the social media bandwagon

If you as a businessman are failing to tap in the power of the web specially the platform that social media provides then you are falling short of being able to build a connect between your customers and your brand. Your business growth is all thanks to the customers so it is important that you build a rapport with them and the social networking sites are the perfect platform to do it. So if you were still unaware about tapping in the power of social media then its still not too late. Here are a few quick tips about the things that you must keep in mind to build your brand in the social sites and to also develop a relationship with your customers:

  • You need to understand your target audience and design your profile in a way so that it can tap the interests of your target customers. When we talk about designing we mostly focus on blogs and articles. This is a crucial point because most corporate honchos fail to tell his team members that articles and blogs should be written that would simply wow the target audience so much so that they keep coming back to read more of these blogs. Their want of reading good blogs gets fulfilled and increases your traffic and eventually your sales.
  • Another core strategy is to plan a campaign, define it with carefully chalked out strategies. These steps should be carefully executed to make your new plan an instant hit. This new plan could be a product launch or a new service, whatever it is, having a campaign and strategy plan is a must! The key to a successful campaign is to take baby steps but successful ones.
  • If your idea is to leverage your business with the help of social media then you should aim in developing a personal rapport with your customers. It is important that you engage in a personal communication with them. Any incident that boosts your sale or any gesture that brings a smile in your face thanks to your customers should be mentioned in blogs to not just make that particular customer feel special but for other (old, new and the potential) customers to also sit up and take notice of the special engagement you indulge in. This is an important marketing strategy that looks like a sweet gesture in the eyes of your customer. A shrewed entrepreneur is not an instant hit like a humble one.

Always remember, humility and gratitude has a better connect with your customers. Your love for your customers will always keep you and you business growing. Hence, no better place for you to show your customers these traits other than these networking sites.  So be your social best and expand your business!

Author Bio: Sudeep Banerjee is a leading internet marketing strategist, digital consultant and entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in web marketing and has helped hundred of clients with winning web marketing strategies.

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13 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 2 Google+ 9 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 1 Reddit 0 13 Flares ×