Student Blogger: Hobby or an Important Activity?

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A student blogging is not really a bad thing. There are certainly worse things that a student may do with his or her time. Blogging is sometimes done in order to gain popularity and riches. Sadly, these things cannot be achieved through a blog, but there are other benefits to student blogging that a student may take advantage of.

student blogging

Blogging can be a hobby because it is better for you than doing drugs

Of the many habits and hobbies that a student can pick up, it is hard to complain about a little bit of blogging. After all, the student is unlikely to be hurting anybody. The student will have to be careful about what he or she posts online, as a college, school or university does have the right to expel you for things you write online, but the same is true for social media too. The student may not reach the highest of fame and richness that he or she thought with a cert with blogging, but as hobbies go it is not a terrible choice.

Blogging can be important because it can be a place to copy out your notes

If you are a smart student then you will not take up a hobby that simply expends time with no benefit (that is what drugs are all about). If you are a smart student, then you use your blog as a tool to help you in some way.

A great way of doing this is to copy out your lecture and class notes onto your blog. It is already a known fact that if you go over your class and lecture notes the same night that the information sticks better. Put it on your blog so that you are both going over it, and helping to store your notes in a place that is easily accessible.

Blogging can be a hobby because it can be fun to be opinionated about things

It is fun to go onto forums and pull apart the “Man of Steel” movie saying that it was just one big disappointment after another. It is even fun to spit a little online venom at things such as a superman movie where superman is dull as dishwater in a lame attempt to be a brooding batman.

You do not have to be opinionated in a bad way. You can be completely positive all the time. A British comedian called Russell Howard (not Russell Brand) made a TV show that was only about good news. He did everything from joke about hand gliding grannies with neon underwear, to showing videos of ducks ruining a guy’s cement path.

Harry Hill is an American comedian who is now beloved in Britain, and he too is able to be opinionated and funny without being negative. You can do the same with your blog, with the added benefit that it is fun and you may even end up being liked more by your friends, family and lover(s).

Blogging can be important because it can be a demonstration of your expertise

Students can cheat their way through college and university, and employers are not too keen on getting caught by one of these people. You on the other hand can demonstrate just how clever you are by posting very correct mini essays on your blog as blog posts. These will be of the highest quality and will be about what you learnt that week.

Your posts will be dated so that the future employer may look at your many blog posts and see that you have been building your knowledge over a long time and that you are perfect for the company. You may also use your mini essays as revision tools, and your fellow students may also like to follow your blog in order to get a dose of your expertise every week.

If you can prove that your blog is well loved to your employer, such as having a Facebook “like” widget with hundreds of likes, then it is going to make you look great too.

Blogging can be a hobby because you can connect with your friends more

You can blog about things that your friends will find interesting and engaging. You can blog about topics that they are probably going to talk about in the pub or common room later anyway. You can make it about college work if you like, or you can make it about anything, just so long as the subject and content does not get you expelled.

Blogging can be important because it may become a great revision aide

As hinted at earlier, you can purposefully create posts with the determined view of making them revision aides. They are there to help you recap things briefly or in detail. You can add posts on a weekly basis as you learn more and more. When it comes to revision time, you may find it easier to read things in your own words rather than the dry text in your textbooks.

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