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How to Make a Blog User-Friendly

how to make a blog

If your blog is user friendly, then people are more likely to visit it repeatedly, and are less likely to bounce when they first see your posts. Many wonder how to make a blog user-friendly because they think that it will get them more traffic, and they are right. It will make your blog more popular and Google likes websites that are more user-friendly (hello, Matt Cutts!), so if yours is user friendly, then there is a higher chance of Google ranking it up higher through the search engine results pages. The next argument – if you like your readers, you’ll make your blog comfortable. I like my readers, and you?.. 🙂

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20+ Blogging Sites to Make Money, Using Your Writing Skills

blogging sites to make money

Blogging sites are websites that allow you to post articles or blog posts, or are sites that are all about blogging. This article deals with blogging sites to make money and that allow you to post articles under your own profile. That way you are able to create series of articles in your own online area, which may start to look and feel like your own blog. Some people upload articles in order to gain a backlink for their website, but you may also do it in order to make a little money. Here are three quick warnings, followed by a list of websites that allow you to make money from using your writing skills and uploading posts.

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Blogging Mistakes That Can Ruin a Blogging Career

Blogging mistake pic

Do you’ve ever done any blogging mistakes? Sure, you do! We’ve all made ​​blogging mistakes. I’ll tell you about mine, you tell me about your in the comments. Deal?

The world of blogging is still fairly new, and so lots of people don’t really understand what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to creating and running a blog. Every day new people turn to blogging with the intention of imitating a successful blogger who they’ve been following for many years, but they often fail to realize how much hard work and preparation goes into making a blog successful. Here are a few of the ways that you can avoid common blogging mistakes which, in many cases, will ruin a blogging career right from day one.

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Becoming A Blogger … by Thomas Stocks

becoming a blogger

Are you thinking of becoming a blogger from scratch or restarting an old hobby? If you are then you might be interested in some tips.
First, you need to consider what you want to use your blog for. Do you want to attract a strong audience to your blog? Or do you just want to be a personal blogger and use it as a personal diary-type blog?

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