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7 Tips for Busy Bloggers on Finding Time to Blog

time to blog

Not finding the time to do something is just an excuse. After all, if you cannot find time to blog then you cannot technically find time for any distraction in your day, in which case your phone should stay in your pocket all day until it rings (you know it won’t). Here are a few tips for those people who have a terminal case of the excuses-blues.

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11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time

blogging mistakes

There are plenty of blogging mistakes that bloggers and writers make every day and the blogging mistakes are so common that you can make lists of them and post them online. Many of the so-called mistakes are done on purpose because the blogger has no respect for his or her readers. For example, if you run a blog on a save the Rhinos theme, then you know that posting a paid review of a 4×4 car is not going to interest your readers. But, you do it because someone is paying you and that is the deliberate mistake. Her are eleven of the most commonly made mistakes.

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Blogging Tips and Tricks: How to Become a Giant

blogging tips

One more post on Blogoloola pages and one more blogging tips list. Becoming a giant in the blogging world is easy, but staying there is like trying to freeze water in an oven. You are not only up against an unforgiving set of search engines that will drop your rank for accidentally linking from a grey-SEO site; you are also up against a world full of bloggers who are trying to beat you. The only people who have ever had a top blog and kept it for more than a week are the ones who work on it ceaselessly. They are the ones who are coming up with material that should (by all accounts) be published instead of blogged.

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