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What is Evergreen Content & How to Implement It

evergreen content


Standing the Test of Time

Who doesn’t want to write content that will be viewed by thousands, if not millions of people around the globe?

Content that will stand the test of time and give you or your brand the kudos that it deserves. Is it best to write about trending subjects or stick to more generic pieces? Read this blog post and find out!

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Three Tips for Creating Content for Conversion

creating content for conversion

It’s time to talk about creating content for conversion. Clever words offer great potential for gaining notice as far as marketing copy is concerned, but saying something in an interesting way doesn’t guarantee conversions. Combining creating content that inspires sales with amusing copy is truly difficult, but there are some basic techniques regarding enticing sales copy that anyone can master with very little effort.

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Content Is a Queen, or Authors matter!

content is a queen

You may think anyone can trot off 500 words and include a few juicy keywords and a blog post is a sure fire winner. Er, no, that is not the case. Web content has taken a long time to shrug off the ‘spun content’ mantle it wore for so long but things are changing. I am so glad Google did actually address this issue. Yes, it benefits their service, but did it make a difference to the status of writers. Right now content is queen.

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Google Databoard for Research Insights: Tool for Creating Infographics

Google databoard for Research Insights

Hey-Ho! New Google Tool for Infographics Fans – Google Databoard for Research Insights. This is good news, is not it?

Google has developed a tool to create a custom infographic for which data are collected and analyzed by a special research department of the corporation. The tool, called Google Databoard for Research Insights is designed for representatives of business and should be a very effective source of official, checked and regularly updated data on various aspects of Internet using.

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How To Make Your Process Of Writing a Blog Post Faster

writing a blog post

This great friday morning Blogoloola presents you quick advices on how to speed up the process of writing a blog post. In a previous post, I considered the problem of procrastination among writers. In this article I want to consider directly the process of writing a blog post and how to do it fast.

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