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30 things you need to do to work at Google

work at Google

Every online marketer at least once in his life dreamed to work at Google. And you? I already know the answer =) Sooooo, you should do to have a dream job? Only 30 things.

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7 Ways to Protect Your Site Against Next Google Update

Next Google Update

Isn’t this like saying you want to protect yourself against the next act of god? After all, how can you protect yourself against something you cannot predict? In truth you cannot protect yourself against something you cannot predict, but you can use previous experience to try and move forwards. Just do not turn into one of those software companies who create yearly guidelines on just how many unexpected problems are tolerable (a true Scott Adams type situation).

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SEO, Google Updates, Link Building – What’s new this Fall?

MattCutts-Google updates Hummingbird

So, let’s talk about fresh Google Updates. What is new is that Google have brought out the Google Hummingbird update. It has people being pretty vague about it because they are having trouble nailing down exactly what it does. Google says that it is a fundamental change in the way that the search engine works. Google says a reliance on keywords is an old notion that needs to be put to bed.

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