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Top 130+ Guest Posting Sites for Guest Blogging (With Stats) {updated}

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Almost every blogger knows about guest posting and guest posting sites. But why we should pay attention on this way of getting links?
The biggest benefit assosiated with guest posting is the ability to gain a quality backlink. When writing a guest post you will want to include 1 or 2 links in the bio of the article back to your website. Also, guest posting helps you build relationships with other bloggers, improve your writing skills, increase your positions in SERP, generate target traffic and much more. So I want to not only give you a list of the Top 100+ guest posting sites, but also to tell what you should pay attention when choosing the site.

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5 Guest Blogging Sites to Publish Your Guest Posts

Anyone doing high quality SEO is always looking for high quality back links. One perfect way to get great back links is by doing guest blogging.
This is not always so easy however. You can spend ages searching through the search engines, trying to find relevant websites then trying to get in contact with the webmaster only to have your guest blog post proposal rejected. Very frustrating. Luckily there is an easier way – guest blogging sites.

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Content Marketing Strategy Do’s and Dont’s

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This is quick Wednesday morning article about Do’s and Dont’s in Content Marketing Strategy. Duh, right. This is not a rocket science, but we can still do this mistakes and suffer from them. So many words have been said, but I still often confronted with the same typical mistakes. I’ll start from the beginning:

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Guest Blogging: 15 Important Points You Should Pay Attention To

Guest blogger is a person who works hard just for one big and bright goal – to increase the traffic to his site. But, sometimes all these guest blogging efforts do not have any result. Why? Maybe you’re just missing some important factors. Have a look at this list of tips for a more thorough analysis of platform for placing your guest post.

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Guest Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Guest Blogger

made mistake

Today I want to talk about common guest blogging mistakes. We are all people and we all make mistakes. The most important thing – it is be able to analyze them and do not repeat. Never. Based on my and others’ experience I can identify such mistakes…

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