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Best Practices on How to Make Money Blogging

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It is possible to make money blogging, but it is not possible to become famous or rich by doing it. Some so-called online experts have launched big propaganda campaigns trying to get people to start blogging because it will make them rich and/or famous. The fact is that nobody has become rich or famous through blogging without already being rich and famous.

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20+ Blogging Sites to Make Money, Using Your Writing Skills

blogging sites to make money

Blogging sites are websites that allow you to post articles or blog posts, or are sites that are all about blogging. This article deals with blogging sites to make money and that allow you to post articles under your own profile. That way you are able to create series of articles in your own online area, which may start to look and feel like your own blog. Some people upload articles in order to gain a backlink for their website, but you may also do it in order to make a little money. Here are three quick warnings, followed by a list of websites that allow you to make money from using your writing skills and uploading posts.

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