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Content Marketing Strategy Do’s and Dont’s

content marketing strategy 1

This is quick Wednesday morning article about Do’s and Dont’s in Content Marketing Strategy. Duh, right. This is not a rocket science, but we can still do this mistakes and suffer from them. So many words have been said, but I still often confronted with the same typical mistakes. I’ll start from the beginning:

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Marketing Plan Model for Entrepreneurs

marketing plan model for business

Why we need marketing plan?

Making a solid business plan is a demanding task. It needs rigorously vast research, statistical analysis, strategy building, short and long term planning etc. The success of your business depends to a larger extent on these determinants. Marketing is however the most vital factor. It involves tremendous research, trend analysis, obstacles in the way of getting into the market, economical workout, customer taste, information of the competitors, promotional tactics etc. Thus marketing plan itself is a complete process and if this plan is improvised effectively, no other thing can stop the business from making progress by leaps and bounds.

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Viral Marketing Ideas and Tips (with Examples)

viral marketing ideas

Viral Marketing is foundation for any kind of social marketing. You can’t find more effective method when you need to spread your message among your target audience. Viral marketing is derived from the well-known “word of mouth” marketing effect when the disseminators of news or advertising are simple people. To do this, people must be so inspired by your advertising message that they want to tell and show it to others. This efficient and cheap way of advertising can be much more effective than multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.
However, to create a successful viral marketing  campaign is not as easy as it seems.

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