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Sites Embracing Parallax Scrolling and Why It’s a Great Move

The article about Parallax Scrolling was written by Elle. She works with Who Is Hosting This as a technology writer and web design writer. You can find out more about them here.

Parallax Scrolling – New Web Design Trend

What makes the Internet such an exciting and innovative platform for businesses, both big and small, is the way in which it if rife with the freshest, creative, unique and quirky methods and techniques to project your brands image out there. Parallax is just one of the new emerging trends for web design out there. A lot of importance should go into the user experience of your site- and the navigational technique is a great place to start. Cue Parallax Scrolling; a quirky new and inventive way that makes navigating around a website a new experience in itself. Say goodbye to an age of boring, dull and redundant web design, parallax uses smart technology to enhance the impact of your website to determine a good lasting impression form visitors.

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