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How to Make a Blog User-Friendly

how to make a blog

If your blog is user friendly, then people are more likely to visit it repeatedly, and are less likely to bounce when they first see your posts. Many wonder how to make a blog user-friendly because they think that it will get them more traffic, and they are right. It will make your blog more popular and Google likes websites that are more user-friendly (hello, Matt Cutts!), so if yours is user friendly, then there is a higher chance of Google ranking it up higher through the search engine results pages. The next argument – if you like your readers, you’ll make your blog comfortable. I like my readers, and you?.. ­čÖé

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On-site SEO concepts web designers need to know – Case Study

on-site SEO

Should on-site SEO be an implicit requirement for all web design projects? Moby Digital web design goals were to accomplish a very attractive website using the following technologies.

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Site Web Design – 5 Ways To Improve It From The Experts

web design

In most cases, the drop in sales of a business is because of a poor site web design. A website which has an imperfect theme, dysfunctional sitemap, incomprehensible use of fonts and undesirable loading time is bound to experience high bounce and low conversion rates.

Here are some tips from the site web designing experts to make visitors stay longer on your website:

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Roswell incident: Google Celebrates the Incident with a UFO

Roswell incident google

Today, July 8, Internet giant Google installed on the main page of its search engine animated Doodle game with UFOs and aliens. This logo is dedicated to the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident. In this game you have the chance to help the alien build a flying saucer to return home.

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Tricks of the trade for New Graphic Designers

graphic designer

Getting into a professional career as a graphic designer is certainly not an easy thing to do. You have to have a certain level of expertise and even that is not enough at times. Thus guidance should be taken from the men who have ample experience in the respective field. Seeking guidance from others lets you know some vital tricks of the trade, and if you improvise accordingly you are sure to enter any field with aplomb confidence.

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