Technorati Blog Claiming: Step-By-Step Guide

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Technorati is a great opportunity for every blogger to  increase the surprising number of traffic. In this case we are talking about quality traffic, and not about its miserable likeness. But if you want to make your blog  a part of a huge blog directory, you will need to add your blog, ie to claim your blog in Technorati. In order to finish the procedure of Technorati blog claiming, you need to perform the following steps. Blogoloola presents you a step by step guide to your goal.

technorati blog claiming

Step-by-Step Guide to Technorati Blog Claiming

  1. First, make sure you have the Technorati account.
  2. Go to, then go to your Profile page by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner. When you are on your profile page, you need to scroll to the bottom, where you can find section called My claimed Blogs, or, if you have any claimed blogs, you’ll see the line “Start a blog claim”, where you can make your first Technorati blog claiming. So, in order to start the blog claim we have to put in the URL of the front page of the blog the we want to claim and click “Claim”.
  3. Next, you gonna see the screen, where you need to put some details about your blog: blog title, blog URL, and the feed URL ( Also you can add linking blogs URLs (URLs of the blogs that link to your blog), blog description (using best of your keywords), select your blog category and site tags (try to fill in all the sells). Then click “Proceed to the next step”.
  4. Now you gonna see the screen that will show you claim status and explain to you how to take your Token and place it on your website, so Technorati can verify that this is actually your blog.
  5. So, what you gonna do next? You need to copy the code (like 3MPGVUN6HWEM, etc.) and place it in the blog post on your blog. If you’re using WordPress, you can create new blog post with the title “Technorati post” and add verification code into the article body. Once your blog is claimed and verified, you can actually go back and delete that post. It doesn’t have to stay there.
  6. Go back to the Technorati site and click “Verify claim token” button. It can take a little bit of time for Technorati to go to your blog and read that code in one of your post and than come back and verify it.
  7. You can check on your claim by going to your profile page, scrolling down and click the “Check claim” button. Then you will know the status of your claim.
  8. Once your blog has been claimed and approved, you can check all the details and optimize your blog information.

That’s all. My congratulations, you’ve just finished your Technorati blog claiming process.

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Here you can find video guide to Technorati blog claiming by Deltina Hay.


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