Viral Marketing Ideas and Tips (with Examples)

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Viral Marketing is foundation for any kind of social marketing. You can’t find more effective method when you need to spread your message among your target audience. Viral marketing is derived from the well-known “word of mouth” marketing effect when the disseminators of news or advertising are simple people. To do this, people must be so inspired by your advertising message that they want to tell and show it to others. This efficient and cheap way of advertising can be much more effective than multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.
However, to create a successful viral marketing  campaign is not as easy as it seems.

viral marketing ideas

Make you position

In viral marketing emotions control everything. Your main goal is to produce these emotions. People can love you or hate you – in this case, it does not matter. Take a stand and simply amaze your audience. Enough to be neutral!

Be sudden and unpredictable

In order to be noticed, you have two options – to be like others and just advertise your product (and be like everyone else), or do something unexpected and unusual. How do something unexpected? Watch best viral marketing videos in this article.

Do not be adman – be the storyteller

Viral marketing is, first of all, an interesting story, that people share with their friends, family, and colleagues. Your product or service promotion should be very subtle and barely noticeable. Create a story, not an advertisement. Totally forget about TV ad style or company promo videos.

Create your own sequel

Do not do as the creators of the TV Episodes – do not end your video at the most interesting moment. Okay, you have already gained the attention of your audience to your successful viral message. Do not lose it and do not leave people disappointed. Create a sequel! You can create the whole trilogy, like Lord of the Rings, or use Jason Statham, as in Fast and the Furious =) And only then you can introduce your brand.

Comments are required

Interact with your audience, respond to comments, and join the discussions. Use comments to customize your campaign depending on the wishes of the “audience.”

Like, Share, Promote

Without the ability to share and spread viral marketing simply cannot exist. Your main task is not only to create cool content, but also to make all necessary conditions for easy and convenient distribution.

Reasons why people share your content

1. Your content is totally funny

After hard working day all we need is something that makes us laugh. Create funny and hilarious content and people will share it.

2. Your content is unbelievable and outstand

When your content can shock and makes people’s jaw dropping, then people will share it with friends and family to cause the same reaction.

3. Your content is touching

Emotional content will be shared because people want to share their emotions with others.

4. Your content agrees with people’s world view

People like to share content that is coincides with their world view.

5. Your content touches the vital and urgent questions

6. Your content is in the trend and covered by mainstream media

7. Your content makes people smile

Create funny, silly and cute content

8. Your content shows drama

Create dramatic content. People love dramas and gossips. A lot!

9. Your content shows something embarrassing

People like dramas, gossips and awkward situations that happened with other people.

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