What is Evergreen Content & How to Implement It

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Standing the Test of Time

Who doesn’t want to write content that will be viewed by thousands, if not millions of people around the globe?

Content that will stand the test of time and give you or your brand the kudos that it deserves. Is it best to write about trending subjects or stick to more generic pieces? Read this blog post and find out!

evergreen content

Analytics prove that, whilst trending subjects may get a lot of short term interest, it’s the more generic pieces that tend to hold that interest over a long period of time.

Amy Harris, Community Manager for Franking Machine Experts (click here) gives you tips for implementing and understanding evergreen content.

Understanding Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content used on websites and in blogs which is always relevant, irrespective of when it is accessed. It refers to content that can be interesting and fresh time and time again.

Evergreen content can take the form of text, audio or video. The reason it is known as ‘evergreen’ is because it is ageless and will be helpful to people for a long period of time. Therefore it should always be useful and informative.

Read women’s magazines for classic examples of evergreen content. You will always find articles on how to stay fit, look younger and lose weight. The same topics keep being recycled year after year. The same can be true for content available on the internet.

When writing evergreen content, you should try to keep it generic. It should not become outdated. However, you may have to revisit your blog or website from time to time and check that the facts are still relevant.

Examples of Evergreen Content


This is the easiest type of evergreen content to write as there are so many options. For example: The Top Ten Beach Holiday Destinations. Although the choices can change over time, people will always be looking for up to date information about where to spend their holidays.

Case Studies

Case studies about certain companies or products can also be classed as evergreen content. For example, if you have a case study about a woman who does internet surveys in order to earn extra money, it will always be interesting to people who are looking for ways to get more cash into their pockets.

Resource Directories

Resource directories focus on specific pursuits and what the people who enjoy them will find helpful. For example: ‘The Keen Campers Resource Guide’.

Age Specific

Evergreen content can deal with age related issues. There will always be people that fall into every age group. For example: ‘Why Should People Over Forty Have Regular Eye Tests?’

How To Guides

Think about things that are simple to explain yet may seem hard to some people. For example: ‘How to Boil an Egg’.


One of the most interesting types of evergreen content is that which centers around something or someone from the past, bearing in mind that history cannot change. For example: ‘The Plays of William Shakespeare’.


People are always looking for meanings and definitions. You can explain and inform people on just about any topic. For example: ‘What is SEO?’

Tricks and Tips

Tricks and Tips are also useful to people searching on the internet for information. For example: ‘How to Ripen an Avocado.’

Idea Generators

Idea generators are a great way to help inspire various forms of creativity – for although the root content remains the same, what stems from this will generally be unique. For example: ‘One Hundred Quote Ideas for Bloggers’.

There are literally hundreds of different types of evergreen content ideas. Have fun thinking about them and coming up with your own.

Evergreen Content: Why is it Useful for Marketers?

Evergreen content is very useful for marketers as it keeps a steady stream of traffic visiting a website over a long period of time.

It retains its momentum through social shares and links. As traffic continues to build, the search rankings will increase. It is vital for building a brand and building an audience for a business. It can also strengthen and expand your brand presence.

If you base your content on a current news story you will be more likely to get more traffic to your blog for a specific period of time, but once it is old news, the interest will wane.

With evergreen content, there will always be someone, somewhere searching for something to help them find solutions to problems or to get ideas.

Evergreen content can be reinvented time and time again. You can make a list of all the different ways to write about one topic and then write the articles or blog posts. Enjoy writing it knowing that people will be finding it and getting something out of it for years to come.

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