4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme

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WordPress themes are a little like templates for the blogs and websites that are going to be placed upon them. If you are not a programmer and have your template to hand, then you can personalize it in many ways. The methods listed below are all methods you can use if you do not know how to personalize by changing the code.

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1 – Create a format that is pleasing to the eye

How much control you have when organizing your own WordPress theme is up to you. Though, if you are going to control how the text looks then create a format that is pleasing to the eye. In simple terms, make your text easier to skim read and easier to read in general.

If you look up a little research on white space rules online you will see that around 70% white space is best if you want people to stay engaged with your content. This means that breaking up your paragraphs will make them easier to read and easier to skim.

Put headers in the text too

This is a great way of creating white space and for making your website content easier to read. Put headers in your content or force people to use headers with your WordPress theme and you may also add in H tags at strategic points. For example, the first header could be the subtitle and suitably use the H1 tag.

Unbroken walls of text are very off putting. It makes your text look difficult to read and skim reading becomes difficult because it is hard to see where one emphasis ends or one point ends and others begin. Another little trick is to put bullet point lists in your website, but if you are dealing with a WordPress theme design alone then it may be troublesome forcing people to put a bullet point list in their content (with the exception of a reference section).

2 – Try custom fonts for your custom WordPress theme

A custom font need not be a completely new font, but there are lots of fonts in the world so there is a chance that your visitors will not have seen your font type before. You can try the custom fonts that come as packages such as the many offered by Google, or you can try a regular font but set it out so that it looks customized.

People are not tired of seeing web standard fonts. In fact, most people do not notice such matters, but if you are trying to add a little personality to your website then this may be the thing that works for you. Do not forget that customized fonts often take longer to load on people’s browsers. Ready installed fonts take microseconds to load, but custom fonts need to be loaded in full onto the browser, which is going to add weight to your website. If the web page is already heavy then you may want to give custom fonts a miss.

3 – Be wary of your colors and your backgrounds

If you were to have a WordPress theme that is made of just one plain color as a background, then it is going to look cheap unless it is white. If the color tone changes as you look up and down the page then at least it looks a little more modern. If you are prepared to go a little further then you can either make a big mess of it or you can create a very personalized and professional looking theme.

How you go about it may determine your success. Simply wanting a pattern on the back is not enough because you may be aiming for sophisticated texture, but what you may get is brothel wallpaper patterns. If you are going to experiment with colors, textures and patterns then always start subtly and move into more commanding and bold patterns. Do not forget that an imposing background may make the text hard to read and may take the emphasis off of the text.

4 – Add images in unrestricted places

Adding images to a blog is always a good idea no matter the context. The way your pictures are laid out makes a difference to how your blog is personalized. For example, if your blog always had an image that came down from the top left of the screen but that was partly hanging off of the screen, then that would be far more personalized than putting a square picture between the text on the blog. For example, I’ll post this cute kitten, and, I hope, it will make you laugh.


You can make your mark by adding a lot of pictures. Many blogs fail to do this. Some do not do it because of the loading times it creates and others do not do it because they concentrate more on the text, but images make your blog easier to read, more fun to read and more personalized.

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