WordPress Tips for Begginers

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You have decided to create a blog on WordPress, but do not know where to start? I was in your shoes and I know what it is. I share with you useful WordPress tips that helped me when I started.

Wordpress tips for beginners

WordPress tips: #1 Choose a niche

if you want to earn money with your blogging, it is important to choose one single niche to focus on.

Choose something you have a passion for, it will make adding content easier.

WordPress tips: #2 Domain Name

The next step is choosing a domain name. Make sure you include some keywords related to your niche in the domain. This will make it easier to rank in Google searches for those keywords. This is the first WordPress tip

#3 WordPress

There are many blogging platforms available, but power you should use a self hosted WordPress blog. Check www.wordpress.org for more info.

WordPress tips: #4 Permalinks

There are a lot of settings available in WordPress, but one of the most important are Permalinks.

When in WordPress look under settings for permalinks and change it to custom with /%postname%/ in the field. Click save.


WordPress tips: #5 Plugins

WP has a plethora of plugins that help your and your reader’s blogging experience. Plugin choice is a personal matter that is base down your preferences and needs, but some of the most helpful are:

#6 Frequency

In the online world, “kontent is king”. With this in mind it is important you update your blog regularly.

WordPress tips: #7 Post Titles

When you write your posts, remember not to ignore the titles. Try to include keywords, and make the headlines attention grabbing.
Write titles that would get you curious enough to click them if they were on another site.

#8 Content

I mentioned content earlier, but it is worth another mention because it is the very lifeblood of your website.Content is why people come to your site, stay on your site and share your site. Creating content can be a chore but if you vary the types it won’t seem as bad. Some common types of content:

  • Videos
  • Interviews
  • Question and Answer
  • How-To’s
  • Musings
  • Quotes
  • List of Resources
  • Guest Posts
  • Top Ten Lists
  • Reviews
  • Debates
  • Audio

That’s all!

Waiting for your comments!

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