30 things you need to do to work at Google

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Every online marketer at least once in his life dreamed to work at Google. And you? I already know the answer =) Sooooo, you should do to have a dream job? Only 30 things.

 If you are looking for a work at Google then you have a lot of competition. Google say they attract so many people and so much talent that they do not even need to follow standard interviewing processes. In fact, they often look for the person that is a little different as oppose to the person that is the “best” at something. A lot of tips are from interviews with Lazlo Bock. He is the senior vice president of people operations for Google and claims to look over at least 100 CVs per week.

I want to work at Google!!! 30 things you need to do

work at Google

1. Laszlo Bock claims they look for leadership skills

Highlight that you can lead a team and are eager to help others. [1]

2. Turn your CV into a sales pamphlet for Google’s eyes only

A one-page CV will not cut it. It should look more like a brochure and should be more than two pages.

3. Laszlo Bock claims creativity is a big deal

This is especially true for creative solutions to problems, so allow your creativity to show through. [2]

4. Relate your skills to the role

This means you should not focus on how you are an expert in one area, but should show how your skills and qualifications will work well with the role you desire [3]

5. Laszlo Bock says you should explain the thought process behind your achievements

Listing your achievements is not good enough, they want to know why you did what you did and you show them this by explaining your thought process [2]

6. Learn what your job will entail so you can improve your CV

Figure out what your job will entail and you can manipulate your CV to look like the best for the job.

7. Consider more what your degree actually means

Laszlo says it is better to be a B student in computer science than an A student in English because English is about structured thinking, which is not ideal for jobs at Google. [2]

8. Apply for the job before college

Consider applying before college and then taking a degree part time when you’re employed. Some at Google consider this the best career move.

9. Get experience

It is true that Google hires people without experience, otherwise they could not hire people straight out of college, but relevant experience is a factor and you should mention it all in your CV.

10. Become good at being interviewed

You can have every skill ever needed and the best qualifications profile of all time, but if you do not interview well then you will fail.

11. Laszlo Bock claims that being an expert alone is not good enough

They claim they have lots of experts applying all the time. You need a mix of skills and qualities to be a team member. [1]

12. Laszlo Bock claims GPAs are worthless

The company has the best and the brightest applying from all over the world, and claims that it makes your grade point average less important than the way you think and your specific skills. [1]

13. If you are a good coder then your qualifications may not matter

There are people that start from a young age and are able to teach coding by the time they get to college. If this is you, then you are probably going to get the job.

14. Will you help a team even if you are not a leader?

Asking this is cute because all companies want their staff to work at 100% capacity when there is nothing in it for them. Still, mentioning that you consider yourself both part of and leader of the bigger team in your interview will help. [3]

15. Most Google jobs require good math and/or coding skills

Most of the jobs require this, so learn how to be great at it, or apply for jobs that do not need it.

16. Laszlo Bock claims you should frame your strengths

In his words, it was “I accomplished X, relative to Y, by doing Z.” This is better than saying, “I achieved X by doing Y” [2]

17. Laszlo Bock claims you need a sense of responsibility

They want you to work as a team and part of that is taking responsibility for an outcome, even if it appears to be the leader’s responsibly. [1]

18. Be ready to move to a different location to follow the job

The work is not in just one place, so if you really want to work for Google, then be willing to follow the work.

19. Explain how you will be good for the company in the long term

This is done by showing your qualities as a long term team member, especially when it comes to adaptability. [3]

20. Demonstrate that you can work as a team

Teamwork is a big thing with the company, so make sure you mention it more than once.

21. You have to be able to take and relinquish power

They want people that can lead and be led and they want the transition to be instant. They do not want people grabbing power and then refusing to be led.

22. Build a track record they can trace

You can do this numerous ways, such as having your own website where they can see your achievements, or having a very full and detailed CV.

23. Get to know some of the staff beforehand

They can give you insider secrets, ways to ace your interview, and may even give you a good personal reference.

24. The higher your qualifications the better

This is not an iron rule because they do hire people with lower qualifications and grades, but higher grades never hurt anybody.

25. Laszlo Bock claims they are hiring people without college educations

He says as much as 14% of the staff have no higher education, so do not focus on your qualifications when being interviewed. [1]

26. Laszlo Bock claims you need a big and small ego

You need to be able to stand up and argue your point with ferocity, whilst also being able to back down and accept that another person is “more right” than you are. [1]

27. Get a glowing reference

The small things still matter, such as punctuality and attendance, and a glowing reference can show this.

28. Laszlo Bock claims they look for intellectual humility

It means be willing to learn, to stand up for yourself and back down when needed. Do not be the one that knows it all. [1]

29. Be comfortable with ambiguity, be collaborative and be biased towards action

These three things are named explicitly by Google as needed for the job, so make sure you wrench them into your CV and your job interview somehow. [3]

30. Laszlo Bock claims they look for cognitive ability and not IQ

Do not brag about your IQ because it will not matter. [1]

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