Your Lifebuoy to Write a Blog Post When you Have No Ideas

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You need to write a blog post but you do not know about? You have lost your inspiration? Then this post is for you!

Every pro blogger knows that sometimes our Muses leave us and we have no idea what to write a blog post about. As a result, you feel yourself confused. You delay your blog post writing process or try to come up with at least something to write about. As far as you understand, it’s not a very good idea, because it’s extra hard to write a blog post when you don’t have a clue.

Such condition procrastination can take a long time, if not to take emergency measures. In particular you need to write and write and write until the Muse does not have mercy on you. But what to write a blog post about and how to become productive writer?

write a blog post title

Some quick ideas what to write a blog post about:

  • Create a list of “Top Ten Best Blog Posts” from other blogs or from your own blog.
  • Ask your colleques or friends to help you with blog post idea.
  • Brainstorm your readers. Ask your readers what they want to read about and write a blog post about proposed hot topics.
  • Interview some authoritative personality of your industry or niche.
  • Get free and fresh blog content by accepting guest posts.
  • Create some case studies.
  • Write a blog post with some product/service/book/article review.
  • Tell about your success and failures.
  • write a blog post ideasRaise your archives. Review some useful older posts with explanation.
  • Use some trendy topics. For example, “Top 10 Advices for Copywriters from Carry Bradshaw”. You can use popular Movie characters, TV shows, books, and comics. 
  • Catch up your Muse. Take a long walk in the park, visit theatre or cinema, etc.
  • Remake your content. No plagiarism! For example – recycle your old post into infographics!
  • Visual. People like visual content. Share some funny relevant picture, video or infographics, don’t be shy.
  • News. Write about something that happens around you or in the whole world and ask your readers what they think about it. Also it’s good for your SEO (by adding trendy keywords you can increase your on-page SEO ranking).

Next ideas do not fit all blogs, but still …

  • Pets. Everyone love pets! Write about your or someone else’s pet, show funny videos etc.
  • Write a blog post about writing: give some advices about your own writing experience.

What writing secrets do you know?

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