How To Make Your Process Of Writing a Blog Post Faster

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This great friday morning Blogoloola presents you quick advices on how to speed up the process of writing a blog post. In a previous post, I considered the problem of procrastination among writers. In this article I want to consider directly the process of writing a blog post and how to do it fast.

writing a blog post

Set yourself some deadlines and try to meet them

The work tends to be uniformly distributed to fill the alloted time. Imagine the situation: you are a journalist in the “New York Times” and the editor in chief has given you an assignment to complete an article for an hour. “Can you handle this?” Is there a choice? This is New York Times, baby!

Create a schedule for writing a blog post

Create a schedule and specify the time when your article has to be written and published. This will help you to bring blogging to the next level and make it not just a hobby, but a serious occupation.

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Keep a record of themes and ideas that you like

It is much easier to start writing a blog post when you have on hand a list of topics. It often happens that ideas come to us in transport, in the shower or anywhere else. Write them down.

Get rid of distractions

Often we become a good writer is hindered by various distractions, such as phone, social networks, e-mail, SMS, TV and many others. Turn off anything that might disturb you and focus on the main thing – on writing a blog post.

Start at the end

Select and define for yourself the main idea you want to convey to the reader through your article. Use the induction: go from the general to the specific.

Just write

Try to ignore all typos or errors, you can correct them later. Do not brake the flow of your thoughts and let your story flow.

Do not focus on the facts

Do not interrupt the creative process to find or clarify the facts, data, or other things. Just leave a space to add them later, after writing a blog post. You can mark it XXX or ***.

Read aloud

Once you have finished writing a blog post, read it out loud. This will help you find any errors, alogisms or omissions.

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